Sensational vocalist and entertainer Ayla Stackhouse is on the move! The Fabulous entertainer just recently won the Jerry Herman Award for Best Actress in a musical for her  role of Vanessa in In The Heights. She was also nominated for a National High School Musical Theatre "Jimmy" Award. Because of her accomplishments, Ayla had the opportunity to fly to New York City and perform on BROADWAY!

Ayla Stackhouse is a quadruple threat: Vocalist, Musician, Dancer, and Actress. She also writes her own music. 

Her single "Ear Candy" peaked at the No 4 spot on, and is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

"Ear Candy" is sweet. According to vocal coach and producer Frank "Toddy" Winfrey (and all of her fans), so is Ayla.

"Her voice and her personality are as sweet and soothing as a summer rain," Winfrey said. "And yet, at the same time as exciting and captivating as they come. Ayla is truly a talent to watch." 

Long time Hollywood producer, musician and high school performing arts mentor Stormy Sacks puts Ayla among the top of students he assisted to stardom.

"Ayla is right up there," Sacks said. "She has all the tools to become as professionally successful as anybody who is already there. She's that talented."