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 Bio Ayla Stackhouse


Ayla is an 18 year old entertainer, whose skills and accomplishments continue to mount. Born in Detroit, Ayla began been taking vocal lessons when she was 8 years old. She is also skilled in dance, theatre, songwriting, and plays 4 instruments.

In 2008, at 12 Ayla flew to California to live with her aunt and pursue her dream. Shortly after, her talents began to get recognized by big names. From age 12 Ayla developed her studio chops under the tutelage of former Motown great Frank “Toddy” Winfrey, then traveling weekly to Southern California to do so. Winfrey said: “Ayla is an incredible talent. Musically, she’s amazing because she can do anything, for any age listening audience. There is no age limit for what she’s got.”

While only in middle school, Ayla was invited to sing opera with Italian stars Fracesco Attesti and Annika Kaschenz, an event sponsored by Rotary. She also performed as a guest vocalist for The Drifters, singing in front of thousands. As a freshman in high school, Ayla was flown out to Philadelphia by city officials to perform at the Jazz Journey Institute. Throughout all of this, Ayla was also busy in the recording studio.

In 2012, during her multi-city tour, Ayla traveled across the U.S. from California and Nevada to Texas, Louisiana and Detroit, Michigan to perform and promote her hit single “Ear Candy.” She was featured on CBS, NBC and ABC news programs. She performed for schools and afterschool programs in Reno, NV, Bakersfield, CA and Detroit, MI, garnering hundreds of new fans.

In August of 2012, Ayla moved to Hollywood so she could be closer to the action. While in Hollywood, Ayla was part of the cast of the Carol Burnett Awards Tribute at the El Capitan Theatre. Later that year she went on to win the Hollywood Rotary Music local contest, and went on to win the Rotary District 5280 contest in March.

In Early 2014, Ayla was featured on the television show American Idol, where she made it to "Hollywood Week." Later in the year, Ayla won a National High School Musical "Jerry Herman" award after performing on the stage of the Pantages Theatre. She was nominated for a Jimmy Award, and flew to New York City where she performed on Broadway. 

A caring person who is deeply altruistic, she annually lends her talents to City Of Hope to help raise money for cancer research. She also performs for Relay for Life to raise money and awareness for cancer.